Environment Monitors

Enivronment Monitoring

We provide environment monitoring as well as environment control systems for computer rooms, data centers and other facilities. Environment monitoring has been embraced as an integral part of businesses for 'Disaster Aversion' the world over.

We provide systems that help detect and prevent against environment caused disasters by sending cautionary alerts. Since the IT infrastructure of an organization supports the entire functions of the business, any kind of disruption in operations due to downtime not only leads to additional costs but also makes the enterprise appear 'out of business', 'unstable' or even 'irrelevant'. To avoid such disasters and outages an organization must have an appropriate provision like an environment monitor to ensure continuity.

We have partnered with Avtech to bring you products that includes;

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Datazone thoroughly understood our sensitivity to ensure high-availability within our Data Centre and other remote computing assets. In keeping with this principle, they provided us with a robust environment monitoring solution to centrally monitor environmental parameters of our Data Centre and branch assets. I found Datazone to be very professional and responsive to all our requirements.

Mr. Faizal Eledat, CIO, Dubai Bank
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