A reliable phone system is integral to any business' operations no matter what your size. Having the right system in place ensures you can effectively manage your calls and communication flow at all hours of the day and night. Whether it's diverting to voicemail, voice to email, setting up conference calls, call accounting, call recording, virtual receptionist, music on hold, mobility or having simple call forwarding features, Datazone Systems can customise a solution to meet all your business needs today, and as you grow into the future.

When you choose Datazone Systems as your Telecommunication partner, you're taking control of your future and empowering your organization with expert team of telecom services, Office Telephone Systems, Hotel Phone Systems, Home Telephone Systems, Branch Office Connectivity, Phone System Installation, Annual Maintenance Contract, Telecom Consulting Services, GSM Gateways and more.

Datazone Systems has been providing professional Branch Office Connectivity for businesses in and around Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras al-Khaimah, Ajman, Fujairah, Umm al-Quwain since 2005. We strive to give our clients Enterprise-level services and solutions at prices that work for small businesses. Time and experience has helped us develop best practices and work flow procedures around a proactive philosophy designed to keep your focus on your business, not your technology.

Branch Office Connectivity for Telephone System in Dubai, UAE

For distributed enterprises, connecting remote or branch offices can be a complex, expensive and time-consuming process. Datazone Systems offers a variety of IP solutions to the most common business Telephone System needs for branch office connectivity.

By deploying any one of the VoIP Gateways series, remote offices and satellite offices can easily be connected to corporate headquarters via the WAN, allowing free interoffice calling instead of expensive long-distance calls between offices. Further cost reductions can be achieved by combining a cellular interface within the VoIP Gateways; allowing for low cost mobile-to-mobile calls.

  • Saving Money: The cost of using a VoIP telephone is much cheaper than using a conventional phone.
  • Portability: The convenience and comfort provided by a VoIP telephone system is available all over the world. Using any internet connection, you can log in to your VoIP telephone regardless of where you are.
  • Flexibility: You can use your conventional phone as a VoIP system by using a VoIP converter or VoIP telephone adapter. A VoIP converter looks like a USB memory stick, which you can easily plug onto any computer.
  • Multi-Functional: Aside from making phone calls, you can also conduct video conferencing through your VoIP phone.

VoIP Phone

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VoIP Branch to Branch Connectivity, UAE

VoIP technology provides several benefits. Connect from anywhere allow the business to reduce expenses by deploying main office operations at remote locations. Users at home or virtually anywhere can place and receive calls transparently as if they were seated at a desk in the company office. Datazone Systems provides the possible ways to lower long-distance telephone costs using the corporate IP network instead of the telephone company switched network.

Key Benefits

  • Branch office connectivity for phone system provides feature transparency between systems which improve employee collaboration and communication.

  • Expand the reach throughout the world the with efficient setup of a reliable telephone system infrastructure to connect these locations.

Branch to Branch Connectivity

Why choose Datazone Systems?

The nature of work is transforming. For a lot of jobs are not in a location, but it's an activity that can do from almost anywhere. More and more organizations are embracing the concept of remote or flexible workforces. Datazone Systems offers Voice Over IP between your offices gives staff the capability to work at branch offices or at home, while still portraying an entirely professional image all the time.

For those who have multiple office locations, We offer business telephone solutions that will enhance office connectivity and cut costs and productivity. We provide Phone system that provides you to reach all the all the office locations with out using costly PSTN lines. Calling any phone within the entire branch office network is as easy as dialling an extension.

  • IP Phone are Easier to Install, Configure, and Maintain: IP Phones are simple to install, even for people with limited technical know-how. Rather than having someone come and run phone wiring through your facility, you can set up an IP Phone and be ready to go quickly.

  • VoIP Scales Up or Down Easily: It's not always easy to predict how many phones you'll need over the next year, and if you have a traditional phone system, you have to estimate carefully to avoid spending money on phone lines you won't use. With VoIP for your business, you can add a line as soon as you add a new employee, and when an employee leaves, you can easily reassign or remove the line. You always have the right number of phone lines for your needs.

  • Employees' Numbers Follow Them Wherever They Go: IP phone systems let users access a convenient web portal to reconfigure the system at any time. Calls can be diverted to anywhere in the world due to cloud-hosted VoIP phone system features.
  • A Range of Call Features Are Supported: All of the traditional call system features you expect are available in VoIP systems, including call hold, call transfer, call hunt, conference calling, find me / follow me, and auto-attendant phone menus.

  • Saves Businesses Money: If your business makes a lot of international calls, VoIP phone systems offer the savings you need to have a great phone system without a huge capital investment.

  • Integration With Other Business Applications: Because VoIP calls are internet-based, VoIP systems are easier to integrate with the business applications you use every day. You can do things like place outbound calls through Outlook or other email clients, or bring up a customer record with that customer's inbound calls.