When you're responsible for critical information technology equipment, you need instant notification of environmental problems that can impact your server rooms and data centers. Improper environment conditions like heat, humidity, airflow, smoke, and electricity can permanently damage the system which can cause irretrievable data and lost business to the Organization.

Environment Monitoring System in Dubai

It is vital that all sensitive equipment are being monitored and controlled to obtain optimal conditions that can extend the life of IT Infrastructures.

Keep an eye on network closets, server rooms, and enterprise level data centers Datazone Systems offers a fully scalable environment monitoring solutions with built-in features to receive alert notifications through Email, SMS, SNMP or voice call when something goes wrong.

Environment Monitoring
Temperature Sensor
Temperature Sensor

The most common environment threat in any server room or wiring closet is heat.  Detect critical rises or drops in temperature, and receive notifications when heating problems occur.

Humidity Sensor
Humidity Sensor

Detect abnormal humidity conditions. You define the humidity levels that are appropriate for each sensor's environment.

Flood Sensor
Flood Sensor

Whether it's a tripped sprinkler system or a flash flood, a server room or wiring closet is just about the last place you want to see water. Receive notification as soon as water makes an appearance.

Motion Sensor
Physical Security

Monitor "dry-contact" devices including motion sensors, door sensors, vibration and Sensors.

Power Sensor
Control Power

Remotely reboot and control power (on/off) to servers and network devices.

Smoke Sensor
Smoke Sensor

Smoke alarms prevent and minimize damage by alerting you to a fire as early as smoke is sensed.

Air Flow Sensor
Air Flow Sensor

Air Flow Sensor give you the assurance that your system will run at peak efficiency and that you will be notified immediately of any drop in airflow.

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Data Center Monitoring System in Dubai, UAE

Nowadays, most businesses have computers and servers to server a variety of purposes. If you take a look at modern offices, most of them have large data centers and server rooms. These environment monitors observe the temperature conditions and move in swiftly to preserve the health of these important machines in case of spikes in cooling/heating. Needless to say, for your server rooms and data centers to function properly, you need to maintain a smoothly operating internal environment and monitor it in real time to make sure things stay that way. This is why you need high quality server room monitoring device. These monitors provided by Server Room Monitor Companies in UAE helps keep a careful watch on the temperature conditions inside your server rooms and inform you of anomalies.

We are one of the main server room monitoring companies in Dubai and provide specialized devices to control and monitor the environmental conditions inside your server rooms. At Datazone Systems, we have made a place for ourselves as pioneers in this industry, supplying premium quality server room monitoring devices for companies to use. We are among the top few temperature monitor companies in UAE and our solutions have been a source of great benefit to businesses for many years.

Why Datazone Systems?


We are continually evolving & adapting to provide the best to meet the standards of the customers and hence never compromise on the quality of our products.


We make every effort to provide our customers with great products and services & we work just as hard to make sure they are getting the right ones that fit their needs.


Our sales and support staff are extensively trained so they can provide you with the most efficient level of service.


The large variety of products we sell provides you with a non-exhaustive list to choose from.


By establishing partnership with various technology vendors, we are able to offer you the best possible prices.

Our Solutions

Servers and elaborate computer systems work best in a particular environment. There are a few characteristics that make a particular environment optimal for these machines. These are -

  1. The correct temperature prevents overheating of the device components and thus guarantee smooth performance over a long time.
  2. A dry, low-humidity environment, as humidity in the air can prove to be damaging for machines like servers and internal parts.
  3. An environment free of dust and particulate matter.
  4. We provide high quality, original AVTECH products in Dubai, UAE.

To guarantee that these conditions can be maintained in your server rooms and data centers, Datazone Systems LLC has on offer a range of environment monitors. These are sourced from leading brands, thus providing great benefit at cost effective price points. Using our monitors gives you the freedom to go about your everyday tasks and leave it on the monitor device to keep a check on the environment inside your server room. They also alert you in case of any emergency situation.

Our devices sourced from AVTECH products in Dubai can help you prevent damage to the intricate machinery and its different parts. The loss of important data too is avoided by keeping an active watch on your server room conditions. You would definitely not want any downtime for your servers as this hampers the proper functioning of business that escalates problems and costs. With us you can procure different AVTECH products in UAE which you can use to safeguard your server room against emergencies. It also prevents disruptions which can cost your business dearly. It is our partnership with reputed manufacturer AVTECH that enables us to be one of the best server room monitoring companies in Dubai. With our services, you can be sure that your servers remain healthy and all your company data remains safe. The best quality server room monitoring devices can only be found with us at Datazone Systems.